Some fun facts about our development & game

-We made this as part of a final student project for technical education degree.

-We crafted the game at its current stage in just 6 weeks, in a total real record of 227 hours.

-We are two coders and one musician.

-We looked into Master System specifications to expect an art & sound very faithful, but developed under modern tools.

-The above means we used only 64 palette colours.

-We will show our game on a little public computer expo next week on I.E.S. Sabadell.

-We implemented a TV mode for a retro CRT experience game.

-Oliver worked with an emulated chip sound TI SN76489.

-We used such great tools as GIMP, Audacity or Game Maker Studio 2.

-Balkar is a real iberian name from an ancient pottery at Alcoy, Spain.

-The real Himilce was an iberian princess, wife of Hannibal Barca.

-We made a home-made physical prototype edition, just for fun.

Files 11 MB
Jun 07, 2017
Balkar_0017.exe 11 MB
Jun 07, 2017
Documentation.7z 2 MB
Jun 07, 2017

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